A real Bugaboo day trip

The folks at Babble pointed me to an Article that the New York Times ran today about Bugaboo’s new city “day trips.”  So of course, being the nosy blogger from Chicago that I am, I immediately downloaded Bugaboo’s Chicago day tour map.  I was not at all surprised to see that the map was of Lincoln Park (although why it was labeled “Chicago” is beyond me. Since when are the city limits between Armitage and Fullerton!? ugh!)

Anyway, the last time I tried to go to Lincoln Park with my Bugaboo, I saw more college T-shirts and leggings than sweatpants.  Plus, if you’ve ever tried to have an outing with your child in LP and can’t walk to it with your Bugaboo, you’ll know that 1) it’s impossible to find parking on the weekends there and 2) there’s no good places to park your butt inside with your Bugaboo and baby - the restaurants are too small, have too many steps, and are too crowded.

rv.gifBut I digress.  For those of you out there who want a “real” Bugaboo Chicago walking tour, here’s my itinerary. Sorry, I don’t have time, energy or skill to make a cool map.  If I did, though, it would be labeled “Roscoe Village.” Here goes:

– Let your kids run around at Fellger Playlot Park. It’s no Lake Michigan, but in the summer you can watch your kid get all wet with city water that sprays from the revolving fountain sprinkler. Cool.

– Go buy your baby a cool rock ‘n roll shirt at The Denim Lounge.  They have good sales and your kid will look tougher than any LP pansy.

– Have a beer at The Village Tap. Our city hasn’t banned smoking yet, but there’s a good backyard patio (indoor and heated in the winter, of course) that will keep the smoke out of baby’s face.

– Swing by Musical Magic for a sing-along session with pro Rosanne.  Rocking out to disco music with the bubble machine is really fun… for the babies, of course.  

– End your tour at Original Expressions for kids.  They have a lot of cool toys and just moved from Lincoln Park cause the rent was too high, so I have to give them a shout out.

Hope you have fun touring around the RV. I forgot to mentioned that they recently repaved the sidewalks.  So you don’t even really need a Bugaboo to enjoy it.

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  1. Now THAT’S what Bugaboo should have done, hired real parents to craft a tour of their own cities. I’ve never been to Chicago, but your tour makes me want to. With the kids. Well done!

  2. Awesome … now can you come out to the Bay Area and do one for us?

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