My hair or my job?

badhairday.jpgOne of the benefits of working part-time is that I have Fridays off.  One of the benefits of visiting my family in Detroit is that my favorite hairdresser works there.  As luck would have it, last Friday I was in Detroit AND my hairdresser had an opening.  This made the idea of traveling alone with my son on a plane a lot easier to digest.

My Friday in Detroit started out perfect.  The flight was on time, and my kid didn’t scream his head off on the plane (he didn’t sleep either, but that’s another story).  And even though my roots were starting to take on a life of their own, I knew a better coiffure was in my near future.  

Then the inevitable happened.  Just as I landed, I got a meeting request at the exact time when my hairdresser would be putting the finishing touches on my new ‘do.  

Some women have to make hard choices between their work and their family.  My tough decision was more like this: cancel my hair appointment or ditch the conference call.

So I did what every Type A mother in a beauty crisis would do.  I told myself I could do both.  I figured my stylist could speed up his work and I could listen to the call on mute as they were putting the finishing touches on my hair.  It was a lofty goal indeed.

From the moment I checked in at the front desk of the salon I set forth my edict: I need to leave here at 4:15 on the dot.  The receptionist and staff seemed on board with my plan.  Seconds after I put on the gown I was in the chair, my stylist at the ready.  Everyone understood my need for speed.

They were an efficient team.  Twenty-five minutes into the process my color was setting.  One hour-and-a-half to go before my conference call.  Things were looking good.  The foils came off, I got a great shampoo massage, and the cutting began.  But as my hair was being dried, disaster struck.  Somewhere between my obsessive BlackBerry checking and impatient foot tapping the highlights became overprocessed. My hair was too light.  A bad hair day was imminent.

What to do?  I now only had 40 minutes to fix the color, finish the cut and get a blow-out.  I started to panic.

“The semipermanent color only needs to sit on your hair for 15 minutes to tone down the highlights,” I was told.

Great.  Twenty-five minutes to go.  I got my Bluetooth headset ready.  The hairdresser paged his assistant to come help.  Fifteen minutes to go.  This was not looking good.

“I really need you to take off that earpiece so I can finish cutting your hair,” I was told.

But, but, I only have 5 minutes until my VERY important meeting!  Obviously my plan wasn’t working out.  My headset was now covered in hair dye and my hair was starting to look like something out of the Muppets.  So I had to make an executive decision.  I needed to get out of the conference call.

Two e-mails later and I was able to concentrate on the day’s top assignment – getting the perfect haircut.  It was so worth it.  My Friday afternoon worked out after all.

What would YOU have done?

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  1. Your Brother says:

    Heh. You have major issues. ;-P

  2. Your hair looks great – at least it was worth the effort and the rescheduled call!

  3. I would have gotton out of the conference call in the first place.

  4. Great job! You have your priorities, right?!

  5. Ha, I would have done exactly what you did. I once wrote out my Starbucks order (like a bank robbery note) because I was on a conference call. Multitasking at its finest!
    p.s. you need to find a hairstylist here! I have a great one if you are open to change.

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