In preparation for the big day

Where has this week gone? Oh yeah, the weekend of the birthday party is upon me. Tactics to prepare for the onslaught of 22 two-year-olds and eight out-of-town family members include:

  • The obligatory pre-birthday haircut. Kiddie salon inadequate for birthday hair styling.


Only a $25 haircut by mommy’s stylist will do for the birthday boy.

  • The delivery of several mysterious pre-birthday packages from spoiling grandparents.


  • The creation of hokey goodie bags. Parents of children attending the soiree: do not throw out valuable contents of bag for at least 48 hours to ensure you’ve experienced the beauty of Oriental Trading Company.


Even Do Do Dora thinks the goodie bags are low budget.

  • The necessary running around for beverages, Goldfish, and random party accoutrement.


Because every child cannot live without a Hefty Zoo cup with lid. Score!

  • The opening of VERY LOUD AND ANNOYING new toys in presence of spoiling grandparents.


Yes, it lights up and moves.

  • The questioning of my sanity in creating this madness for a two-year-old.


Can somebody remind me about this post next year?


  1. It lights up AND moves? BONUS for your son, not so good for you. You need earplugs and wine.

    Take care…you will survive and your son (and his friends) will have a blast.

    I love that picture of you…the expression on your face, the coffee within arm’s length…sums it up all so well! The things we do for our kids. Good luck with the big bash! 😉

  2. Oh FUN! It already looks like it will be awesome!


  3. Panditha says:

    now see even for me i agree that toys like that should come with something for the parents or caregivers to enjoy

    such as volume control


    Pan the male nanny(call me manny and ill make you watch barney till you scream THE HORRROOORRR)

  4. Isn’t crazy what we will do for a party they won’t even remember?

    You have to love the grandparents that give you the gifts that are the
    loudest and require the most patience. My mother always sends those!

  5. LOL. You’ll remember what you went through this year and yet you’ll put yourself through the SAME thing next year.

    It’s called self-abuse. It’s what mothers DO.

    have fun!!

  6. I’ve started a new rule. All toys purchased by grandparents go back to their houses. Afterall, they need to have toys for when we come over. Right???? Right.

    Hey, at least your dad didn’t get your son two wooden swords and a shield from his recent travels to Europe. I am quickly making too many rules. No whacking things. No whacking people. Not inside. Don’t hit too hard. The poor kid is basically allowed to wave it around. by himself. when no one else is within a 10 foot radius.

    Ah, grandparents and their spoiling.

  7. Robyn- that is awesome advice. If ONLY the grandparents lived locally. I’d so return that bulldozer!

  8. So how did the party go? I thought of you today when my Oriental Trading magazine came in the mail.

  9. It only gets worse as they start having more input on what they want! My 3.5 year old is already setting the stage for what HE wants to do for his 4th birthday party. And I am a sucker for those big brown eyes.

  10. Oh forgot to add… my MIL bought my son two Star Wars lightsabers for Christmas. (One for him and one for my husband since I try to hide them when playdates come over… limits my liability.)

    When she was visiting last week she thought they might need shields to go with the lightsabers…

    I am pretty sure she hates me.

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