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I’ve never been on The Price is Right or Wheel of Fortune, but after my whirlwind experience at BlogHer, I think I’ve had enough “brought to you by…” to last me a lifetime. Last time I went to BlogHer, there were sponsors and swag to be found, but this time around it felt more like a game show than a conference.

Fortunately, there’s only so much swag a pregnant achy back can lug around, so I mostly ignored all the “paid for,” “sponsored by,” and “here here take my business card and my giveaway from my sponsor,” chatter.  Of course, like she said, not all bloggers are like that, and not all parts of the conference were like that. And the time I spent away from the Expo Hall in the hallway outside of the actual sessions with my blog BFFs and at the two parties I went to made all the crazy sponsorship-advertisement-self-promotion hell disappear like all my business cards did in those giveaway bowls. (I didn’t say I didn’t want to get some free shit.)


I even shared some of my free shit with her, Marketing Mommy (R). But I kept the Kodak thing-y. Cause I got there first, ya know.

And of course BlogHer wouldn’t be BlogHer if there wasn’t some controversy over something. Put thousands of women together and the claws come out. This year, it was bringing babies to parties, bars, events, sessions, what have you. Of course, the only baby I brought was the one that was pressing on my bladder the whole time and well, I don’t think it bothered anyone except the hotel bathroom which I visited too many times to count.

Speaking of people, because I was a lame-ass attendee who couldn’t drink and a D-List blogger (don’t worry kids, I haven’t forgotten about you), there were so many people I wanted to talk to but didn’t get a chance to and those I got to talk to but not for enough time. (Wow, that’s a lot of linking for a D-lister.)


If this woman, A Hen and Two Chicks (c) can put up with my bathroom habits, I can put up with her yummy baby.

Ok, now, back to the swag and all the crap I tried to avoid but nonetheless acquired in less than 24 hours of schmoozing and not boozing at SponsHer. Like back in ’07, I set out not to accumulate things I didn’t need, but somehow I ended up with two huge vinyl bags of stuff that was mostly for girls. I left too early to donate it to charity like she suggested, so it ended up in the wondering hands of a three-year-old who thinks there are actually presents sitting in such bags that he’s actually going to like and use. Oh, how naive he is. If I was richer, I’d give it away to the D-listers, but really, I’ll end up losing my savings in postage fees.


The swag's so good, I haven't even unpacked it yet.

But I’m not down on SponsHer. I get why they need the sponsors, I can see why some events didn’t want babies, and as a former event planner, I know how hard it is to pull something like this off. Plus, I heard the keynote was kick-ass and I’m kicking myself for missing it. Maybe next year I’ll skip the sessions, the swag and just hang out in the lobby the whole time. And call it BlogHer once again.


  1. You know, this post is totally going to bump you up to B-minus lister. I hope you bought that domain, too?

  2. I disagree with Meagan. I’d give you at least a B+.

    I only wish we could have hung out more but, you know, I was really busy what with elbowing babies and throwing other women to the ground in an effort to steal their Mr. Potato Heads.

  3. Who cares what list your on, all that matters is that you had fun?

  4. I’m still too tired from BlogHer to even blog about it.

  5. While I loved most of the swag (and am going to rant on my blogs about some of it…) that’s not why I went to BlogHer. Although, oddly, it seemed to be the sole focus for some people. And while I did go for the sessions… I ended up missing all of the sessions on Saturday, and spending the entire day brainstorming a new venture and talking to PR people.

    The branding at BlogHer was insane. I don’t know if it was good or bad or something in between. I’m still processing it. I did notice they were sorely lacking in health/wellness/fitness sponsors. Anyway… Yes, they have to have sponsors so that we can all afford to go… but there seemed to be a lack in variety of sponsors. All focused on the wannabe glamourista, frugalista, mommyblogger… an odd sort of contradiction that doesn’t really fit everyone. Or maybe anyone. WalMart and Ann Taylor? Pepsi and Kiwi? Hrmmm…

    I like the swag. Most of it… because I’m a broke mom who could never get most of that stuff anyway… but it was just a tiny part of the conference, and it’s kind of sad that it was the whole focus of it for some people.

  6. I’m so sorry I didn’t get to spend more time with you, as well. 🙁 And the swag — don’t get me started.

  7. Great post! Agree with you on SO MUCH of what you said above. And my swag bag sat untouched for days, too, as I contemplated what to do with it. I ended up divvying it up among friends with new babies (it was mostly new-baby stuff anyway), but now I wish I’d thought of auctioning it off! Shoot. The over-the-top sponsor- mania was a little offputting, for sure. Some comapnies approached it the right way. Oth3ers, not so much. I liked that Izze had you come and donate a leadership book for African leadership school and then gave you a t-shirt. That was a nice thing, made people do something nice (the guy in that booth was a lovely ball of positivity). I was shocked by how many people were jsut out to get swag, it was ridiculous. Felt like I needed a hot shower after! Oh, and I was late to the community keynote, and found this link where you can read ALL THE POSTS that were read there (pretty awesome):
    Not the same as hearing it aloud, but still, pretty great. Especially check out TW, Black Hockey Jesus, and the one on “there’s something stuck in my vagina.” To die for.

  8. I hate that we didn’t get to hang out. I hate that I was three feet away from Alma in a session, and then never ran into her again! You both are bloggers that I feel like I have known forever. Hopefully our paths will cross in the upcoming year, either at BlogHer or if you happen to be in Cincy or I in Chicago!


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