The lululemon Maternity Wear Challenge

You all know of my love of lululemon.

You all know I’m a faux frugal who really, really likes to shop.

You all know I’m pregnant.

Thus, I’ve put myself up to a challenge.  A fashion challenge. Having not bought any “formal” maternity wear my entire pregnancy, and having gone on a serious lululemon bender the past week after my joyous pregnancy news, I’ve decided to see if I can possibly wear a single item of lululemon clothing every day for the next 8 weeks of my pregnancy. Because, well, what the heck else am I supposed to do as I wait out the waning days of pregnancy? (And, I just saw Julie/ Julia and this could make a heck of a book. Ha!)

Behold, The lululemon Maternity Wear Challenge:

4 tanks, 3 sweatshirts, 4 sweatpants, 6 workout pants, 8 weeks, and who knows how many more pounds to gain.

I even made a widget on flickr (who knew I could figure that out!). (edited to add: and I figured out how to make it appear on my sidebar, yay! Check it out to the right.)

I’m now 31 weeks along, and for day 1 of the challenge I wore the Bulerias Tank in Black and Dance Studio II*No Pants in Coal. I felt stylish and swishy while walking down Michigan Avenue.

Here’s to being comfy and ensconced in nylon for many, many days.


  1. Great idea! will be following along.

  2. I wore a pair of lulus almost every single day of my last pregnancy!

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