Milestones, Schmilestones

The baby burrito will be 6 months next week and I’m kind of starting to remember that he should be starting to do things now. Like moving a little, kvetching a little, grabbing a little, you know, milestone-ing a little.

I freaking hate milestones.

But I can’t help paying attention to them.

So maybe my baby isn’t rolling over yet. Or eating baby food. I mean, the dude’s still enamored with his activity mat. One of my friends even said the other day, “he’s NOT sitting up yet?”

No, ‘fraid not.

My other friend said that someone told her her 18-month old should have 50 words by now. Where do people come up with these things?

When I was pregnant, at least the second third time around, I canceled my subscription to those Babycenter updates. Now your baby is as big as a kumquat! At first, the novelty that my young being had sprouted fingernails excited me, but after I experienced the joy of the firstborn’s sprouting of hair in the womb, I kind of stopped caring if the little guy’s skin was still translucent.

Truth is, all the kids do things differently and that’s what I keep reminding myself. It’s hard not to constantly compare my two kids, both boys. By now, the older one was eating baby food, rolled over and playing Mozart on the grand piano.

Baby burrito is content just flopping around on the floor, watching his big bro and scooting around the crib on his back. He’s smiley, happy, guzzles a bottle like a champ and is, well, happy. Some of us (and I’m known to check in once in awhile) will continue to check on their kid’s progress via books, friends, websites, and doctors.

But I’m just going to try to sit back, relax, and enjoy my munchkin because mostly, I’m pretty sure he’ll catch up eventually on his own terms.


  1. So, so, true – all of it. And by the way, my 8 1/2 month old finally just started sitting well enough to not need a spotter at all times, so the baby burrito can lounge a few more months as far as I’m concerned.
    I also feel like with my second that I’m relishing every baby moment and not wanting to rush these milestones, because who knows if I’ll ever have another baby? It’s almost like I want her to be a little “behind schedule” so that she can keep being a baby longer, as bad as that sounds to say. I think the other thing at play is that with kid #1, you’ve got no other distractions, but with kid #2, your hands are full dealing with kid #1, so if kid #2 wants to remain stationary staring at his playmat a little longer, then God bless him for not crawling over into the fireplace, am I right? : )

  2. My baby #2 is 8 months and one week old, and is also just able to sit without falling over after 5 seconds! I’m enjoying the fact that I don’t have to worry about baby gates and other babyproofing tasks yet! He’s still happy to sit and bat at the toys in his gym, or wiggle around in his crib squealing at his mobile. It makes it MUCH easier to grab a shower (that mobile runs just long enough to get a good one) and run around the house doing things while I know he is safe. So what if his older brother had 4 teeth by now (#2 has none), was feeding himself and getting ready to crawl. I’m going to enjoy the babyness while it lasts!

  3. selfmademom says:

    Great feedback!! I’ll be holding on to the 6 mos. immobility for as long as I can…

  4. HA! At Ansley’s 4 mo check up, the doc asked how she’s doing with her consonant sounds. Consonants?! Are you kidding me. I looked at her and said, “I have no idea” (…and I stay home with her and her big bro all day. Yikes!) That NEVER would have happened with Baby #1, but such is the fate of younger sibs.

    Occasionally, Hubs will grab a Sears book off the shelf just to “check”, but other than that, we haven’t been keeping up with milestones either. Just trying to remember what I was in the middle of doing before “so-and-so” start screaming is difficult enough.

  5. Hilarious! Can I just say that with Baby Girl #1 I documented (both in writing and with photos) every imaginable milestone. Heck, even some unimaginable milestones. (I won’t embarrass myself by listing any examples.) As you might have guessed, though, that wasn’t necessarily the case with Baby Girl #2. I do have a sharp pang of guilt whenever I pass by the shelf that holds the girls’ baby books, as one is bulging and the other is quite slim. A solution just came to me…I think I’m going to put those books in the storage cabinet underneath the shelf right after I hit the “submit” button.

    Glad I’m not the only one 🙂

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