With a little help from my friends…

Things are always better when they’re done with people you like. When teutonia asked if I wanted to test out their newest stroller, the t-linx travel system, and THEN, ask some friends and colleagues to stop by a little gathering so THEY could test it out as well, I happily accepted. I love luxury items almost as much as I love my friends. Just kidding, I like fancy things more. (Louis Vuitton diaper bag I want you, helloooo…) I’m just kidding! But me + fun products + party with friends = happy.

Happily, this past Tuesday, a few local bloggers and other friends who I thought might be interested (and who needed a new stroller because teutonia raffled off one of these beauties) came by Galt Baby to see what all the teutonia talk was about.

I’ve posted my review of the t-linx on my Chicago Parent blog. Here, you’ll just get my rambling commentary on the lovely get together we had with the folks from teutonia, Edelman at the fabulous new Galt Baby store in Lincoln Park. With food from Steve’s Deli. Need I say more?

We all brought our kiddos…

I’m not telling which one is mine… Did I mention awesome Aimee was the entertainment?

We ate a lot of food…

Course, I was too busy eating I forgot to take a photo of the spread…

We loved the removable and customize-able inserts that you can get with the t-linx system.

If he was a she, I’d be all over those flowers.

And gawked over ridiculously expensive baby gear that Galt has on display. I don’t think anyone’s bought these thus far…

Anyone in the market for a $1000 mohair Snoopy doll and $4000 impractical stroller? Didn’t think so. Good schtick, however.

And the t-linx, FWIW, got some good glances and buzz from the people who were there. It’s amazing how many strollers are on the market and yet, new, different and better ones come along all the time.

I can’t thank teutonia enough for their generosity!

**Yes, I was compensated for the review and “get together” with a new t-linx stroller. But all opinions of mohair snoopy dolls and strollers are my own.**


  1. Looks like a fabulous time!! I love Galt baby, too!


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