Ladies, (do any guys read this blog?) we’ve been croup’d here.

What started as a benign cold that spread through the ranks of the eldest son, husband and nana, crept over to baby burrito in the form of a snotty nose. Which then transformed into the cough that sends mothers running to fields. The croup.

What resulted was two trips to the ER, (one with me in my fancy clothes for the Gilt Groupe brunch I grovelled to get to then subsequently had to back out of), two doses of liquid steroid, one breathing treatment and one follow up visit to the pediatrician.

Hey, at least the female attending liked my lace skirt. ($35 at H&M if you wanted to know.)

This skirt needs to see the light of day outside the pediatric ER. Stat.

I also missed the annual Lynn Sage Foundation luncheon with special guest Rob Lowe.

When we finally got dismissed and the little dude starting breathing easier, it felt like I had just got punk’d out of my day of lady luxury. But the relief I felt from the quiet breaths in the crib far outweighed me showing up to Children’s Memorial completely overdressed in my Moschino heels.

Because really, fashion don’t matter a bit when your kids aren’t feeling well. (Speaking of which, they should really update the prints on those hospital gowns… just saying.)


  1. Great skirt! We missed you. Thank heavens for Children’s. What a great hospital.

  2. Ah, yes, the croup. We’ve had two ER visits with Anna because of that stuff. It’s such a pain to deal with. They feel terrible, you’re taking them to the ER because, of course, it often happens in the middle of the night (at least with us) so that’s another whole level of craziness.

    So tough. Hope he’s feeling better…

  3. So bummed we missed you at Gilt Groupe! I hope your little man is doing better. I seriously can’t believe you missed Giada de Laurentiis too. Had the pleasure of meeting Vanessa from We definitely have to get together soon. Is she coming to your event on the 4th?

    If you haven’t seen my post about the Art of Fashion Runway yet, check it out! Would love your feedback.

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