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It occurred to me not too long ago that I have no framed photos of my baby in my house. I searched from room to room and all I could find was a newborn shot that our photographer took last year. It’s hidden up in my bedroom so only I see it. Other than that, all the frames in my house are filled with my eldest and of my husband and I when we looked a lot younger. (OMG the GRAY!)

However, I have been pretty good about getting photos, while not up in print around my house, into electronically-produced photo books. The kind where I can go online and select some photos I uploaded and click to put them on pages and then click to buy the book. It’s not the most creative way to record my family history but it’s efficient and effective. And, it just so happens I’ve been doing this through Kodak Gallery for the last 4 years. All on my own.

So, when Kodak Gallery approached me last month about trying out their new photo book process and they’d pay me for trying out that process it was a natural fit. Plus, I realized I hadn’t put together books since my baby turned 5 months. Clearly, there is some sort of deficit in my brain.

With Halloween photos and birthday party photos piling up in my iPhoto tray, I was really excited to bring them to life outside my beautiful Mac screen. iPhoto has this great feature that lets you automatically upload to Kodak Gallery with the click of one button. Again, click.

On Monday I uploaded 191 precious photos into 2 separate albums on Kodak Gallery and then organized them into two different photo books. I had some trouble clearing out the photos from the first book to put in the second book, but I realized my mistake after about a minute (you must “clear tray” before you create the book), and then sorted it out. In about 5 minutes, after uploading time, I had 2 books for the last 3 months of my kids’ lives. Seriously. That easy. After checking out early Tuesday morning I was told late yesterday that my order had already partially shipped.

That’s about 3 months of photo work memorialized forever in 2 days. And the quality of the new books seem great. I chose one medium and one small and I’m happy with the way the pages were automatically laid out. Now, I just need to get some of those prints into some frames around my house before the baby realizes he basically doesn’t exist outside my bedroom.

Does this ease of memorializing your family sound appealing to you? Well good! Because I have TWO $75 gift cards to giveaway from Kodak. It’ll buy you about 3 small books with 30 pages each or a small and extra-large amount of photos medium book. Just tell me that you’re more unorganized than me when it comes to photo documentation in the comments or give me a tip about how to become better organized, and I’ll enter you into a raffle to win the gift card. Contest will end on 12/1 just in time to get your books for the holidays. You can comment once here and once on my Chicago Parent blog to enter twice, if you like!

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Disclosure: I was given a $75 gift card to post about my experience using Kodak Gallery plus purchase my photo books.


  1. I’m fairly organized when it comes to getting my photos in order. Whenever I download pictures from my camera, I crop and save the ones I want to print in a folder called “To Print” on my desktop. Let’s not talk about, however, when the last time I actually sent any of those to print was. 🙂

  2. Sara, let me tell you, I am completely unorganized. I have no personal pictures on the walls, only artwork. I haven’t downloaded pictures of my little nugget since the 4th of July. Everything lives on my camera. Since I will never be the scrapbook mom I always envy, creating a photo book is probably my best make-good option. Since she’s about to turn 1, I should probably get on that!

  3. I have my digital pictures organized by date in my files, and I have my kids’ pictures organized well in albums (in chronological order) but I’ve been hopeless about organizing my old childhood photos.

  4. I have thousands of photos of my 17 mo. old on the computer but only a few in frames and none in photo albums! One helpful thing is to go through the photos on the computer every so often and delete anything that isn’t frameable or that you don’t really need to keep so that you’re not totally overwhelmed with the number of photos you have saved!

  5. PHX Boy’s photos live on PHX Dad’s computer….which PHX Mama doesn’t get to use (very often). So PHX Mama can’t even get to the photos to delete the cruddy ones…let alone print out the good ones! (Sigh, it’s difficult to write about yourself in the third person!)

    But paper photos? I’m all over those with matching boxes that sit on the book shelf organized by decade. (Just please don’t look inside them….no organization there!)

  6. I’m not as organized when it comes to keeping pictures up to date, so photo books is a big saver. As long as I remember to throw all the films into one book every holiday, I’m proud of my accomplishment.

  7. I had a handle on our family photos until we went digital many years ago. My husband does a good job of organizing our photos on the computer, and when he was unemployed he created montage videos for all of our major family trips, but we only have one photo book from the last 7 or so years! I miss them, but never get organized enough to put them together. Videos are nice, but there’s nothing like snuggling together over a book.

  8. I need to make photo books. I’ve made 2 small ones, but there are many photos that have never been printed.

  9. I have no organization to my photos whatsoever! My husband’s got photos organized in folders by date, which helps, but you wouldn’t believe how long it takes me to upload photos, sorting through them on two different computers (mine and his), when I need to make a photo book or order prints. Thank you for the giveaway!

  10. Quite honestly-I am very very disorganized…I stll have pictures in the envelopes that I had processed at Walmart thaks for the giveawaway 😉

  11. I am somewhat organized when it comes to getting my photos in order. We take photo’s pretty much everyday then save them in to folders from that month so at the end of the year we have 12 folders under that year. So then at the end of each month i scrapbook that month or make a photobook. So right now i am scrapbooking photo’s from November 2010. My three boys are growing up so fast and i have to remember each day to stop and take a photo.

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