Friends with blogs

Some people have friends with benefits. Since I’m so unfortunately beyond that point in my life, all I can say is that I have friends that blog. Oh yes, I do. Are you jealous? And I don’t mean the friends that I met through blogging, I mean old-school-before-there-was-that-twitter-thing friends. IRL friends who have started awesome blogs.

Meet Monica! Of course you’ve probably heard by now as her blog has totally taken off in the year or so that she launched it. She actually had a blog before me, but it was called Kitty Time, and it was on the old Blogger platform, so we are all trying to forget about that. But her new, fabulous site, Wired Momma is a true inspiration. Monica writes “a daily jolt of parenting from the nation’s capital” and is now a contributor to the Huffington Post DC, DC Moms, organizes some amazing local blogger events and so much more.

I was lucky enough to meet Monica back in 2002 while we were sweating it out in grad school working on what we thought were the most important assignments in the world for a foreign car company, dressing up silly for Halloween parties and celebrating engagements. Now, we laugh about the silly things our kids do, wallow about our lives before kids and make each other laugh online. Well, she clearly makes me laugh more because I never update my blog. Monica, I’m so proud of you!




Now you have to meet Mandy. Mandy is my daily, go-to BFF who I speak to every day about every nonsensical thing from what yoga class we might be doing to when we are scheduling our next play date. She’s my mom-in-the-trenches rock, who used to be my friend-before-kids-rock. So you get the point. You also might get why I was so excited to hear that Mandy decided to write a cookbook and blog of her fabulous healthy and recipes that she makes with her kids all week long – Healthfull Ever After. She just started it a few weeks ago and is already blogging away like a pro. I feel like a proud mama of a third child that I didn’t birth, but love. She’s like my blogging prodigy.

I don’t know how she does it, but her recipes are beautiful and delicious. I can’t wait to try this granola recipe. Go Mandy go!



Do you all have “friends who blog” or did you meet your blog friends through your sites?  


I did, sadly forget one of my IRL BFFs here and I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I think of this particular person as the super-volunteer-extraordinaire, freelance writer superstar and overall enthusiastic about everything person. In the back of my head she’s a blogger, but she’s also so much more than that. Meet Jo!! a.k.a. Mommy Brain – don’t you love it? Jo and I are connected by the most important thing in the world – our husbands, who became friends so so long ago, and I’m so fortunate and lucky to have made a dear friend through that connection. And one that’s damn funny too. You can read her work on Nickelodeon Parent’s Connect (I told you she’s rad!) and her dish on celebs will make you pee your pants (especially after childbirth, it’s a lot easier to pee your pants now, *wink wink*). I love Jo and I’m so sorry she didn’t make the first iteration of this post. For that I’m going to some sort of blogging purgatory or something.



  1. This is interesting, my best friend doesn’t blog and I don’t even think she reads mine. However, through the years I’ve become great friends with women who blog online and IRL.

  2. I love you SMM! Lucky to have you in my life!

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