Mom 2.0 2012 Recap: The Year of Calm

This Mom 2.0 must have been the best blog conference I’ve been to in my nearly six years of blogging. Maybe not for the content I learned (a little more on that later), but for the comfortableness I felt amongst my peers. I think it’s taken a long time to get here, but finally I think I’ve found my place in the world of don’t-call-them-mommy bloggers.

When I started blogging I didn’t struggle with what to write or who my target audience was – it was the working moms I felt solidarity with – we were banded by our guilt (or lack thereof) and of our purpose balancing young kids and life.

Then, when I left the big agency, I went adrift. I never wanted to blog personal, any attempt at me blogging about being frugal was an all-out farce, (have you met me?) and I felt adrift in an ocean of popular mom blogs.

But this time around, Mom 2.0 2012 I think I figured it all out. I’m now my own business owner with a plan and a purpose. I have a role professionally and felt that would benefit from the energy of my longtime blogging peers and new friends.

And that’s why I enjoyed Mom 2.0 so much this year. I had a room filled with fun and laughs (and loud hilarious partying from the boys next door) and meaningful conversations that pushed me beyond worrying about page views and site progress.

Not all the discussions had purpose – I personally felt there were too many inspirational keynotes (I’m not one for motivational talks, shoot me now) and not enough break out learning sessions, but overall I got the gist of what the intention and purpose of the conference was and I got something more for myself. The confidence again that I make sense in the mix. That I have a renewed purpose for my blog. That I belong. Maybe it was the Jew thing. But I’m thinking not. I’m thinking it’s because I’ve found some peace between the struggle I’ve always had with my blog and work. No more. My blog has led me to many interesting places with interesting people and I continue to be grateful for its presence.

Just don’t expect me to start blogging every day or anything now.


  1. I’m sifting through photos and thoughts today trying to make sense of all the conversation had here in Miami. Keynotes were the biggest let down. The most sensational? The conversations in the halls, at the parties and on the buses. I love our community and completely had my batteries charged.

  2. Susan!! I am beyond honored to be the “people” link on this post. You articulated to well much of what I felt. Comfort. Peers. Laughter. ‘Nuff said. Oh, and I’ll let you know when my website becomes more than a landing page. Or–enjoy my “brain dumps” at Can’t wait to see you again!

  3. Great piece! I was hoping for “Meaningful” or “Interesting,” but I’ll totally take “Energy.” Had so much fun with you! It was worth every energetic uninteresting moment! xo

  4. Ummmmm, I’d blame spell check, but I’m just an idiot. In my defense I don’t travel well, was a little conference-lagged and, well, an idiot. SARA, SARA, SARA!!

  5. selfmademom says:

    ROFL Betsy – I still love you. Even if I may dedicate my next blog post to “Barbara” 🙂 Nicole – completely agree and I’m glad we got to spend some time together. xo everyone!! Jenny you could fill every adjective link but then everyone else would feel left out.

  6. Love this.


  7. Yes! I completely agree. This conference felt easy to me. Maybe it was the humidity or the mojitos, but I felt like I was having really good conversations and meeting people with whom I had an instant connection (ahem, you, ahem).

    Thanks for making me feel like I belonged. And for the laughs.

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