Hockey is for girls, too!

Move over Mattel being the king of toy stereotyping; Oriental Trading Company’s got one up on you…

We’re playing spring hockey over here (gah!). So my eldest son is reeeallly into hockey. Truly. He’s pop out of bed on Sunday mornings for a 7 am ice time into it. So you can imagine that only a hockey party will work for his upcoming 7th birthday celebration. Rink is booked, but party favors are not. So, today, while searching for hockey-related hockey party favors, I came upon these inflatable hockey sticks. Kitschy, yes? Perfect for a seven-year-old, yes? But just for a boy’s birthday? Oriental Trading Company thinks so, but I’m not so sure.



See it? Says these are “fun for boys’ birthday parties, too,” mentioning nothing of all the girls playing hockey these days. The GIRLS skating circles around my son on his team. Say nothing of women’s hockey leagues. Yet women in sports that are dominated by men are overlooked in the simplest of ways.

Maybe Sheryl Sandberg has a point. I’m partway through her book and I’m not hating on it yet. We have to be our own best advocates to lead and be heard… Even if it’s just making sure girls get noticed in the smallest of ways.

Yeah, Oriental Trading Co. girls skate, too.





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