My busy week… Cookbook party and children’s theater!

Sometimes having this blog has its perks. As much as I complain about blogging at times, this blog is part of me, and something that feels like an extension of my personality. So I chug along, blogging when I can. Somehow I still stay on people’s radars and they continue to invite me to some neat events. This week I got to go to two different blogging events which were right up my alley.

homemade-with-loveThe first was a luncheon for the launch of Jennifer Perillo’s new cookbook, “Homemade with Love,” about her devotion to food and family. I’ve been following Jennie’s blog for a little while and find her writing to be powerful and inspiring. She was the same in person. What a beautiful soul! So sweet and energized, and truly devoted to her craft. The food we tasted was delicious (I could sample a few of the items), and I really enjoyed listening to how the book came to be. I can’t wait to look through and hopefully try some of her work.

The second event I ended up at was Friday night at the Chicago Children’s Theatre to see the world premiere of the original play “The Elephant and the Whale.” ¬†Written and created in association with Redmoon Theater, The Elephant and the Whale aptly tells a story of friendship between two proposed circus animals caught adrift in a 1900’s-era sideshow. The show, which differed greatly from other children’s theater experiences I’ve ever been too (no silly looking costumes, minimal slapstick humor), captured my kids’ attention from start to one hour finish. And mind you, my youngest is three. The visuals were stirring and creative and the story told not literally, but so imaginatively that you could feel the rush of water around the whale and the elephants footsteps. The water scenes were brilliant. I loved it and would highly recommend it.

What a week! What did you all do?


Photo courtesy of Chicago Children’s Theatre.

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