The non-blogger blogging…

canstock2870283It’s always funny this time of year when BlogHer comes around. I have been blogging on and off now for about seven years. And while it’s hard to believe it’s been seven years it’s harder for me to believe what a bad blogger I’ve become!

Yet, I still get invited to various blogger events. I’m thrilled to still be included and it reminds me that I need to keep at this blogging thing. It’s worth it to me to keep up the relationships I have made. It’s worth it for me to remember to blog once in awhile about whatever it is that may come to my mind. I have a running list of blog topics. It’s just making the time to do it.

It’s my once a year blogging vent. Should I keep blogging? Will I keep blogging?

Ask me again in seven years…



  1. I hope I can see you this weekend. I’m mainly there only Friday night for VOTY and the Open Mic, but I will be there!


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