Hey, hey, you, you, get off of my iCloud!

two_glossy_cloudsI’ve been the sole Apple iTunes account holder in our household for some time now. I got the iPod, the iPad and iPhone before my significant other did. When he got an iPod finally maybe somewhere around 2005 (I swear), I would just upload his music until he understood the world of the iTunes library.

He’s now quite proficient in the world of music uploads, music library creation and the general good mix playlist.

But until yesterday, when my beloved acquired an iPhone, we never had to worry about the ubiquitous cloud. The master of the Apple universe where fortunes are made (for Apple) and functional explanation is questionable.

And so it begins:

Him: “What is the username and password to the iTunes account” 

Me: “username/ password of the moment”

Him: “not working”

Me: “Oh yeah, I had to change it yesterday.”

Him: “That’s annoying.”

Me: “Deal. Oh by the way… [insert forwarded email from  iTunes  noting that someone had logged into the account.]”

Him: “Why are you getting those emails?”

Me: “Because that’s the email associated with the account.”

Him: “But it’s not the same email on the iTunes account.”

Me: “Because that email hasn’t been used since Napster ended.”

Him: “Oh. Ok, fine, but why are your photos now being uploaded to my phone? “

And then the “A Ha” moment. The cloud had hit us. With the factory presets of iOS 7 in place, our phones were inextricably bound by Camera Rolls, Photo Streams and images of all the things I sell on eBay.

I gotta get him off of my cloud.

The cloud can prove useful to a marriage, say, now we can share the Starbucks app and earn rewards faster, faster. (Yes, I’m a junkie.) But it can also come at a huge price: I had to change my Uber app password because I didn’t know it when he wanted to log in from his device.

Oh yes, we could have created two separate accounts, but what’s the fun in that?

I’d rather cloud share than go at it alone. All while drinking my reward-earned with hard working dollars free soy chai tea latte. 



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