Behind every great woman is an even greater man??

Women are constantly trying to get out from behind a man’s success be it in the business world or beyond, but what about when the great success of the family is the woman?

That’s why I loved this piece in yesterday’s New York Times about Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the soon-to-be chair of the Democratic National Committee. She not only kicks butt as a Congresswoman, but also as a mother. And she gives due credit to where much of it is clearly due — to her husband. Wasserman says in the article:

“I promote that you don’t have to choose between work and family.” But, she adds, “I married a great guy.”

He’s apparently so great that he doesn’t even need hired help around the house when she’s off in Washington working. Unreal!

It’s refreshing when I read accounts of women who are uber-successful in their professional life cop to the fact that they have a husband at home bearing the weight of child care or personal responsibilities. I keep thinking all those awesome working moms I meet are somehow making it all happen on their own (FWIW Design Mom says Ben Blair does his half – love it!).

So a big thanks to Ms. Schultz for being so forthcoming to all us curious bystanders about how she gets it done.

My “half” job

I was kind of excited to see my mug in the October issue of Chicago Parent alongside my fellow friends Caitlin and Meredith. So excited that I actually divulged to my eldest that “this is what mommy is doing when she says she has ‘work.'”

Me and my “coworkers.”

He flipped through the magazine and uttered this:

Cool, mom! You have a JOB!

I hemmed and hawed a bit,

Well, love, it’s not really a “job,” it’s just a part-time thing. A part-time sort of job. Not a full-time job.

“What’s that?” he inquired. Because he likes to inquire about these things everything.

More hemming and hawing, and this is all I could come up with. The stereotypical SAHM response.

Like I don’t have to go into an office all day, like, you know. daddy.

“Oh, so it’s a half job.”

Yeah, something like that. I have a half-job.

My husband advised me against putting that title on my resume, but I think it’s catchy, no? 😉

On Hands Off Parenting and Advice to Husbands of Preggos…

I spent a lot of this past summer doing research for an an article in Chicago Parent Magazine that is in their newly-redesigned October issue. (Kudos to the redesign – from what I can tell online it looks terrific.) The article is about a term “hands-off” parenting – how to relax and trust your gut when it comes to raising your kids.

The article is based on an interview and reading of Ada Calhoun’s book, Instinctive Parenting, Trusting Ourselves to Raise Good Kids. Ada was an amazing interview and her book provided a great foundation for me to talk to experts and local “hands-off” parents about their anti-helicopter styles. (Ok, I have a serious girl crush!)

The best part about writing the story was that I learned a lot for myself that I have put into practice with my children. I used to be worried that my eldest wasn’t taking enough, or “the right” activities. Now, I worry less about what we’re doing and more that we have enough down-time and time for free play in our house.  I’m also less concerned about what he’s “doing” academically at school. I mean, he’s freaking 4.5 years old! He doesn’t need to be reading Nietzche. As long as he seems excited and happy to go and play at school I’m happy. Let’s hope that continues until next year throughout his whole education.

I hope you reflect and think about your parenting after reading the article.

The other story I wrote is in this month’s issue and it is an interview with local author and dad, Harlan Cohen. His book, Dad’s Pregnant Too!, is not only a hilarious take on being the husband in the female-dominated world of pregnancy, but is also rife with advice to the typical clueless father-to-be. I mean, there was a chapter on push presents.

Hope you pass that one on to all the dad’s to be you know!

Look in October’s Chicago Baby for my story on whether or not you should let your baby cry it out to sleep – quotes and excerpts from the venerable Dr. Weissbluth!

Dad’s Pregnant Too. No, really he is.

Part of what I love about being a “writer,” is the chance to interview and meet new people. Last week, I got to chat with Harlan Cohen, advice columnist and writer of the uber-touching-and-funny pregnancy advice book for dads, Dad’s Pregnant Too!

You can read my review of the book on my Second City Baby Blog if you like. If you’re starved for time, I’ll tell you up front that I really liked it and wish I had it on the nightstand during my pregnancies. My full interview write up with Harlan will appear in the September issue of CP.