Oh, my dear blog. (Don’t worry, there’s a Zooper stroller giveaway here to make up for what happened.)

This time I have a good excuse for my absence: my blog’s been hacked.

So… after time, money and stress (read: no work email for a day, the horror!) my blog is now fixed. At least on the insides. (But that’s what counts, right?)

I’ve learned a lot through this terrible hacking process:

1) Update your blog to the latest software when it’s possible. Basically, I let it go. I think I was on WordPress version 1.0 or something. So, update your blog!

2) Get a good tech friend. Thankfully I have Cynthia and she lead me through a hosting service changeover plus scary emails from someplace called Liquid Web with words like “system restore” and “migration” and “nameservers.” I understood about half of what was sent. Again, thank g-d for Cynthia.

3) Remember to update your email server in the process so you don’t miss a day’s worth of work emails. See second sentence.

4) Laugh. Because, really, what is more funny than some nerd abroad bringing down your my silly little blog.

And so, we move on.

To what else would I do on my blog to celebrate the restoration of the order of Self-Made Mom? Giveaway a really cool stroller. Courtesy of my friends at Totsy.

See this? It’s a Zooper Twist Stroller in Canyon Red! Retails for $199! It looks worlds better than my Maclaren from 2006. Seriously, that thing is nasty. Luckily, if you’re in the market for a new portable stroller, you can score one at a great discount on Totsy’s special Zooper Sale.  Or, you can enter my giveaway! See the fun is back on this blog. To hell with hackers!

If you want to win it, you just need to follow these guidelines…

1) Leave me a comment letting me know which stroller you love the most! (I say black, baby).

2) Post a cool status update somewhere on one of your social networks letting your friends know about the amazing 40% off deal Totsy is having right now on Zoopers and that they could enter to win one here! Just let me know in the comments where your update is. If you’re not a member of Totsy yet – please feel free to use this invitation link.

Winners will be picked via random.org. And hurry, the sale and contest ends on Feb. 27!

Best of luck and happy strolling… I’ll be sure to give you the evil eye while trudging along with my nasty Maclaren.

Disclosure: I am a paid ambassador for Totsy. However, opinions of strollers are all my own.