Lactation Nation, cont. plus a giveaway

Back about 8 weeks ago, I was singing my own praises about my abundant milk supply and breastfeeding prowess. Now, I’m just a regular-old nursing pro.  But while I have mastered the hooter-hider, (I highly recommend the Bebe Au Lait ones, and I’m not being paid to say that.) I have not mastered the attractive or comfortable other nursing gear.

Tempted not to spend a lot of money on a product, like a nursing bra, that I might have only used for a week or two, I bought a few cheapie ones at Target. Ten weeks later, they are still highly unattractive and not very comfortable.

Which is why I jumped at an offer by my friend Beth to test out (and giveaway) a new nursing wardrobe by Bravado. (I am being compensated to say this.)  Bravado, apparently a well-recognized brand in the lactation nation but unknown to a rookie like me has come out with an affordable line of nursing gear at Target called Basics by Bravado. Yay! Just one more thing I need to add to my cart.

The stuff looks totally comfortable, and I like how on their website Bravado itemizes each item’s use and purpose.

See? She didn’t cheap out on nursing gear like I did.

I’ll tell you how it lives up to its promise when I get my gear to test out.

But, in the meantime, you can enter to win $500 worth of must-have baby items by entering the Basics by Bravado “Spot a Mom” by following these easy steps:

  • Find the nearest Target store in their area offering Basics by Bravado nursing wear.
  • Visit the store and snap some pics of themselves finding the Basics by Bravado store display.
  • Email their photo, along with their name and contact details to  

Let me know if you decide to do it! If you do, I’ll put you in a pool to win Bravado nursing gear plus a DVD. I NEVER do contests like these, but now I’m like a member of La Leche or something. Well, not quite, but who doesn’t like free stuff? Good luck!

Disclosure: I am being compensated for writing a review of Basics by Bravado and conducting the contest. Not for breastfeeding, although if I was I’d be a bizillionaire right now.

On life, labor and lululemon

The birth of my second son, who will be henceforth known as Baby Burrito (I just love the way they swaddle them at the hospital like a Chipolte sandwich), was filled with the randomness of life, a labor story to kill all others and of course, lots of lululemon.

First, the vitals. Baby Burrito was born on Friday, November 6 at 9:48 am. He weighed 8 lb. at birth and was 19.5 inches long.  For those dying to know the graphic details, I was induced at 2:30 am and pushed 6 times for a total of 15 minutes. Not so bad. His birthday came 3 days before mine, making the event even more special. What more of a gift could I ask for? (Except the diamond hoops I requested of my obliging husband, of course.)


All I can give you is an ear photo. But the face is just as adorable.

And, he was born almost one year ago to the day of my worst day ever.  Life works in ever-so-interesting ways and Baby Burrito’s birth has all but obliterated any misery associated with being pregnant and having a healthy baby.

But, enough about that, let’s talk about shoes. Yes, shoes. Because that’s what I was emailing my friend about a whopping 16 minutes before I delivered the Burrito. Apparently the epidural worked so well I didn’t realize I was dilated to 10 and that the Burrito’s head was about to come out. All I cared about, and I quote, was that my friend was properly shoed and clothed. An excerpt of my words at 9:22 am (talking about what comfy but cute shoes to get to complement a stay at home mom wardrobe):

Hmmm such a dilemma! I saw these really cute sperry duck shoes in black patent leather. Also, minnetonka moccasins are a good shoe as are danskin black patent leather clogs.

You know you’re a slave to fashion when shoes are on the mind when a baby is about to come out.

And of course, my labor story wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t plug my favorite pregnancy wear, now my savior for the post-partum waist. Lululemon did me well from the sweats I wore to the induction to the purple sweat top I wore home.  Now, I just have to figure out what I”m going to do with all those large-sized clothes. At least my shoes still fit.

Lululemon Maternity Wear Challenge: An update

Are you dying to know how I’m doing ensconced in nylon day after day? Well, on Day 17 I’m finally wearing a pair of long pants as the temperature has dipped below 75 degrees. (My criteria for wearing long pants has drastically changed due to my limited wardrobe options.) And one of my three sweatshirts. So I feel that I now have some more clothing options. Because really, wearing the Bulerias or Power Y tank EVERY DAY was just getting a little nasty.

Luckily the ‘lemon washes quite nicely and hasn’t stretched out into weird proportions considering my stomach is looking more and more like I swallowed a watermelon every day.

But trying to work the ‘lemon into my repetoire every day can be a bit daunting. Especially as I try not to look like a gym rat/ haven’t showered/ only wears sweatpants kind of mama every day.

So today, I paired the wrap pant in charcoal grey with my uber-cute but potentially blister-inducing Tory Burch Bryce Clog.


Because every pair of sweatpants needs a patent leather clog to stay above the sloppy fray.

It’s a wonder what a little T logo can do to the maternity fashion psyche.

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Fit or Fugly?

To know me and my blog is to know I love fashion. And I haven’t posted about fashion in awhile here, because, well, with all the weight gain and loss, frugalness and the grey of a very long winter, I just wasn’t feeling all that fashionable.

But, alas! Spring is in the air and the frugal ban was lifted in honor of me and Mother’s Day, and well, I did a lot a little shopping.

Heck, people, I AM going to the beach in a foreign country in a couple weeks.

But one of the items I procured was rather practical. A purchase to last me through the swollen feet of August.



Otherwise known as the $40 PR-driven-wallet suck. (I got them 20% off.)

But seriously, these things are COMFY. And I found them in navy blue patent leather (couldn’t find the exact pair online and too lazy to photojournal them here.)

Consensus on the street (aside from my one friend) is that these are one FUGLY shoe. And you know I’d rather be caught dead than in ugly shoes.  Especially ugly flip flops.  Something is drawing me to this particular pair of shoes, however. The cushiony sole, the promise that it’ll tighten my ass on the way to the park.

But I don’t want to be caught being unstylish just in the name of comfort. That’d ruin my rep, ya know?

So… fit or fugly? Help me! I only have 10 days left to return them.

Maternity clothes redux

Wondering where I’ve been the last two weeks? Unpacking my maternity clothes. I’m kidding, but seriously, I forgot how many ugly maternity clothes I have.

I must have been deluded by all the progesterone scurrying through my body of late, but early on in this pregnancy I actually got excited to see my maternity clothes again.  I remember picking them out lovingly the first time around, even thinking that $300 wasn’t a lot to spend in one outing at Pea in the Pod. (It bought me a sweater and a pair of pants, for the record.) I spent a lot of time trying to look pregnancy “cute” (which, for the record is the single most annoying thing someone can tell you when you’re pregnant besides “you’re barely showing!”) the first time around.This time, though, I’m lucky if I can put on some black sweats and a t-shirt that will cover my ever-expanding girdle. Granted, the black sweats are lululemon, but it’s still not an excuse for wearing them EVERY day.

So now that I’m four months along, I felt it was the perfect time to unpack what’s been sitting in my closet for three years.  I should have known better. A sampling of the horrors of my closet.


As my friend said, it’s knocked-up schoolgirl chic.


I cannot believe I saved something with this many stains on it.


Even a black maternity swimsuit won’t make me look svelte.


Attack of the killer bras.  I like my flat chest much better.

I just showed you the worst of my worst. Will you show me yours and then we can all laugh together? Please?